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Ivy League Admissions Rates – 2015 – for class of 2019

2015’s Ivy League Admissions Rates (Class of 2019)

Harvard University – 5.33% – Became more selective

Yale University – 6.49% – Became easier to be admitted (slightly)

Princeton University – 6.99% – Became more selective

Penn – University of Pennsylvania – 9.9% – Stayed the same

Cornell University – 14.9% – Became easier to be admitted (the highest increase in the Ivy League)

Columbia University – 6.1% – Became more selective

Dartmouth College – 10.3% – Became more selective

Brown University – 8.49% – Became more selective


2014 Ivy League Admissions Rates (Class of 2018)

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Harvard Admissions Announcements (2015) for Class of 2019

Harvard_Wreath_Logo_1.svgHarvard Admissions Rate for 2019 Announced

The Ivy Leagues admissions announcments news has been released as we mentioned earlier today shortly after 5p EST in the United States.

And the most elite of elite colleges at least in terms of perception have announced their Class of 2019 Results:

Havard University accepts 1990 out of 37,307 applicants for their next prestigious class of freshmen.

The Top Ivy League University gets more competitive now boasting a 5.33% admissions rate.

However, this doesn’t compete with the 2019 Class of Stanford which tops the rate at 5.05% this year.

Regardless, it appears as if this year (2015) for the class of 2019 was a very competitive year with many of the other Ivy Leagues also announcing a more competitive rate.  Columbia became more competitive this past year along with Princeton, Brown, and Dartmouth.  The 3 other Ivy League Institutions (UPenn, Yale & Cornell) though either stayed the same or saw an increase in their rates.

What does it take to get into Harvard?

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Stanford Admission Rate More Competitive – 2015 (for Class of 2019)

stanford universityTop Colleges Admissions Rates Fierce

If Stanford is any indication of how the responses will be for the Ivy League, we might have fewer happy families in a couple of days.

In 2014, the Class of 2018 was the most competitive in the University’s history offering only 5.07% of the students who applied admissions to the West Coast institution of higher education.  The school beat out Harvard by close to a full percentage point at 5.9%.

Stanford accepted 748 students in December through the Office of Undergraduate Admission’s restrictive early action program and extended offers to 1,390 more applicants on March 28 (out of the 38,828 students who applied).

This year, Stanford offered admissions to 6 more students than the prior year (2144 vs. 2138), but there were 42,487 applicants (320 students more than a year earlier).  The admissions rate has been on a steady decline for at least 4 years: “The university admitted 5.7 percent of applicants in 2013 and 6.6 percent in 2012.”

As a result, Stanford’s Class of 2019 has a record setting 5.05% admissions rate vs. the year earlier at 5.07%.

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Harvard and Ivy League Decisions Date

Application DecisionsWhen do Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, UPenn, Cornell, Brown & Dartmouth tell their Regular Decision Candidates if they’re Accepted?

We’ve been getting this question quite a bit lately and the answer is:

March 31, 2015, Tuesday, at 5pm Eastern Standard Time or shortly thereafter.

Good luck to all of our students!

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How do you get into Harvard?

2013 Harvard University CommencementSure, one of the first steps may be getting a high SAT score… and you know we are definitely supporters of anything that helps your student show their strong test taking abilities to what many call the most elite university in the world.

However, another key to answering this age old question would be paying attention to signals from folks “on the inside.”

As a Professor within the sacred walls of Harvard, the Canadian born experimental psychologist Steven Pinker wrote an article in response to a journalistic trashing of his alma mater and employer. In the September, 2014 12 page retort in the New Republic, he specifically wrote:

At an orientation session for new faculty, we were told that Harvard “wants to train the future leaders of the world, not the future academics of the world,” and that “We want to read about our student in Newsweek 20 years hence” … The rest are selected “holistically,” based also on participation in athletics, the arts, charity, activism, travel, and…

While this wasn’t a major premise in his rhetorical piece, this was definitely something parents of potential future students of Harvard or College Consultants helping candidates aiming for this Ivy League institution should pay attention to.

Harvard wants:

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Excel on the SAT, Excel in Life

successPersonally, I know what a Harvard or Ivy League education can do for a person: it opens doors – heaps of them.

I have plenty of anecdotes and I share them in education seminars all the time.  However, many people like pure, concrete statistics and I was on the look out for them earlier today.  While searching though, I landed on (Harvard) Professor Steven Pinker‘s article in the New Republic titled “The Trouble with Harvard: The Ivy League is Broken and only  Standardized Tests can fix it.”   It was an interesting read and had more esoteric vocabulary than I’ve seen in a single article in a long time.  Thus, a quizlet list dedicated to it.

Half way through the read though, I found a very interesting find for anyone in the Test Preparation industry:

Camilla Benbow and David Lubinski have tracked a large sample of precocious teenagers identified solely by high performance on the SAT, and found that when they grew up, they not only excelled in academia, technology, medicine, and business, but won outsize recognition for their novels, plays, poems, paintings, sculptures, and productions in dance, music, and theater. A comparison to a Harvard freshman class would be like a match between the Harlem Globetrotters and the Washington Generals.

Does that mean if you get a 2400 that you’ll become one of the world’s richest on Forbes or win a Nobel Peace prize?  

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December 2014 Application Deadlines for Top U.S. Universities

Well, it’s a bit late for a number of these, but two remain here on the list of Universities that are accepting applications this month.

December 2014 Top University Application Deadlines

Do note though that Yale’s regular decision deadline is actually January 1st, 2015 despite what CollegeSimply says.  More details from the United States Air Force Academy’s admissions website here and from Yale University’s Admissions for International students website here.

For January 2015’s application deadlines for Top Universities, click here.

*All of the deadlines have been reported by CollegeSimply.com and are subject to change.  Please visit the college’s/university’s admissions website for which you are interested in for actual dates and confirmation of the information provided by the website.  

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Three More SanLi Students+ Now Have a HIGH Chance to get into 5 Ivy League Universities

Excited Asian woman using her laptop.This past month, in our news section, you can see we helped hundreds of our students score 2200+ all the way up to 2370 for 3 very hard working and talented students.

A brief recap:

  • 3 Students Scored 2370 – 30 points from perfect.
  • 45 Students Scored 2300 or higher (99% Percentile)
  • 150+ Students Scored 2200 or higher
  • 2 Students received a Perfect Critical Reading Score of 800
  • 11 Students obtained a Perfect Writing Score of 800

For the 2200+ students, we’ll dedicate a future blog post identifying where their futures may be in terms of college, but for the 3 students who did what very few students do, they have a HIGH chance to get into the following IVY LEAGUE Universities:

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