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  • 所有課程需於開課前2天報名以便預留學位及教材
  •  整個模擬考試最長或需4小時完成,請預留充足時間
  • 模擬測試後 , 資深導師將按考試成績評估學生表現和給予建議
  • 考試成績最快將於日內公佈,唯特殊情況下報告可需時一至兩天
  • 考試計分標準均按美國大學理事會而訂,學生必須以認真和誠實的態度參與以達此模擬考試之目的
  • 所有課程條款或細則如有更改怒不另行通知,三立教育保留最終決定權

Terms for the exams:

  • Registration is required
  • 2 Days Notice is requested for registration
  • Tests can take up to 4 hours in total for the exam only
  • Review and consultation will be scheduled after the exam; the appointments are subject to availability and evaluation of the results.  
  • The scoring report will be provided as soon as possible, but in some cases, the reports may take as long as a day or two for complete auditing and evaluation.  
  • Student must be interested in seriously taking the exam with the intention of using the scores for an American college or other education institution requiring the SAT for entrance
  • All terms and conditions are subject to change without written notice by SanLi Education