Tips From Students


How to score high in the SAT exam? Let’s get the tips from SanLi students.

Student learning and exam record
Student name: Alex
Exam taken: Old SAT and redesigned SAT in 2016
Course taken in SanLi: SAT intermediate (42 hours) and SAT Advance (48 hours)
1st mock test on July 2015: Score for Reading is 430 and Writing 460
1st real exam on Dec 15: Score for Reading is 610 and Writing 600
2nd real exam on May 16: Score for Reading and Writing is 720

Interview with Alex

SanLi: You have a significant improvement on the 2nd SAT exam, can you list 3 things that you have done in preparing for the exam?


  1. Read books – around 5 novels, 10 science books, 10 magazines (Scientific, American, Times), some history passages and the Wikipedia of American history
  2. Sleep well – go to bed before 11:00 pm everyday
  3. Practice – do as many mock exam papers as possible

SanLi: What is the key element to get a high score for the SAT exam?

Alex: Have the correct mentality – take the exam as a chance to show colleges how prepared you are, and study with the purpose of getting ready for college. Persistence – you need time to improve, so the improvement may not show immediately; just trust yourself and don’t give up.

SanLi: You took 2 SAT courses in SanLi for around 80 hours, how many hours did you spend on your own practice?

Alex: I spent about 1.5 hours per day in addition to coursework.

SanLi: How did SanLi help you to improve the exam score?

Alex: All teachers and materials are very helpful.

SanLi: What other tips would you like to give students who is taking the SAT exam in the near future?

Alex: Take the SAT preparation as an opportunity to learn, enjoy the process and don’t give yourself too much pressure.