Boarding Schools


Benefits of Boarding Schools

Small Class Sizes – For students who want more attention in the classroom, small boarding schools are a great option. Small classroom sizes help students find and build relationships with mentors. This opportunity for more personal contact and communication with teachers and counselors is unique to the small boarding school environment.

Accessibility of Teachers and Academic Help – Not only is close teacher-student interaction a priority, the depth of relationships in small boarding schools reaches far beyond the classroom as teachers often serve additional roles as coaches and dorm parents. Students will have the opportunity to get to know the names of everyone in their school and forge bonds that can last a lifetime. Most small boarding schools hold meetings each morning with the entire student body present, where both faculty and students can voice concerns.

Accessibility of Activities and Leadership Opportunities – Sports, theater, and other extracurricular activities are important components of the boarding school experience. These activities help challenge students and develop their leadership skills. At small schools, competition for spots and leadership positions in these activities can be less intense than in larger institutions.

Academic Advising – Another advantage is in personal academic advising, as well as aid in the college selection process. Small schools will often appoint mentors to guide students through this anxiety-ridden time. With the personal relationships students develop over the course of four years at a small institution, these mentors can more ably provide information specific to each students’ case.

Community – Students in the small boarding school environment have the opportunity to develop intimate relationships with their peers as well as teachers and staff. Knowing every name within the community fosters a sense of togetherness that can be unique to smaller schools.

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The Truth about Boarding Schools

by The Association of Boarding Schools

Boarding Schools Benefit International Students in Particular

Why Boarding School for International Students?
Many international students would like to attend college or university in the United States, but find it difficult to do so. International students may lack the proper guidance when choosing between the thousands of colleges in the United States. Their English skills may also be a problem when applying to an American university. Boarding school helps international students:

Improve their English proficiency
Help them learn about and gain acceptance to appropriate U.S. universities
Adjust to a new culture by providing a smaller, structured environment designed to support
non-native English speakers

English Immersion & ESL (English as a Second Language) Courses
It can be difficult to learn English if it is not spoken regularly. In boarding school, international students attend class, play sports, and live with English-speaking students. This creates a helpful environment for learning English. This gives them the chance to make friends and communicate in English on a regular basis.

ESL (English as a Second Language) classes offered in boarding schools also help international students learn English more quickly. These classes are generally very small. ESL courses are designed to improve an international student’s speaking, reading and writing ability. Boarding schools provide international students an excellent opportunity to improve their English skills.

College Preparation
Boarding schools offer international students access to well-trained college counselors. These advisors can help you choose schools and prepare you for the application process. Many boarding schools also offer special classes to help you prepare for the TOEFL or TOEIC exams, which are often required for international students. Boarding school helps international students get into and succeed in American universities.

International Friendships
Boarding schools offer a unique opportunity for international students to meet and make friends with students from other cultures. You will be exposed to people from different religious, geographic, and linguistic backgrounds. You will make friends with people that you would usually not have a chance to meet. Being part of a boarding school community can help you overcome cultural barriers associated with living outside your country.

Both of the aforementioned were provided courtesy of the Boarding School Review.