Currently, we offer primarily SAT, SAT Subject II in Math and Physics, SSAT, ACT and AP in Calculus AB and BC classes.  We also offer Speech, Writing and Vocabulary classes as well. Please ask our managers for assistance regarding any educational need you have.

Course Materials

SanLi provides and uses only the Official Guides and resources that replicate the actual exams.  Periodically, we will also incorporate some specialized materials that will supplement the official texts for the tests including original content and the most effective texts in circulation.  We do NOT simply use a book because it a “best seller” because it caters not only to the masses, but there needs to be academic justification for the texts before we include it within our curriculum.

Custom Courses Based on Need

Since SanLi has very experienced instructors and our goal is to maximize the scores of the students, we will do whatever it takes to work around the schedules of the students.  We will also customize programs and provide the hours needed in order to succeed on all the American standardized tests which help students enter the Top Boarding Schools and Colleges.