1 on 1 Instruction

The benefits:

100% of the attention of the Instructor is on your student.  In most classrooms where even there are a just a handful, the instructor is balancing the interests of all the students and not just yours.  The teacher can pay attention to when your child is confused or when s/he is actually understanding the concepts.

SanLi Education’s 1:1 Instruction System to Success

1 on 1 at SanLi Education


Visit our Education Center to see how we can customize a great curriculum for your child

Customized curriculum

Standard curricula is basically designed for the idea that “one size fits all.”  We are all not the same and we all have different types of learning habits and skills.  Additionally, we’ve all had different exposure to different settings and learning. Some of us have had more private instruction, whereas others may have had less.  Some children read more.  Others may have not had the opportunity to read as much, nor have they had as much encouragement.

With the 1:1 instruction, we interview your child constantly throughout the process to make sure that we are always aware of what learning has been carried out and where your child may be in terms of their abilities.  We become intimate with your child’s exact level and skillset allowing us to provide more or less along with the ability to adjust difficulty levels along with the need for possibly more explanations around concepts that your child might be struggling with.

Comfort for your child

Instead of worrying how your daughter or son is doing in comparison to others in their class, you child can focus entirely on the lesson and her or his understanding of the material.  There are no social problems s/he has to concern herself or himself with.  Your child can focus entirely on the lesson at hand.  As a result, your child is learning more.

Visit our Education Center to see how we can customize a great curriculum for your child

Extra Incentive to focus

Now that the attention is 100% on your child, the student must also be constantly paying attention in contrast to dosing off in a regular class where the teacher has no idea your child might be confused or uninterested.  Many children scribble or fail to efficiently turn lessons and ideas shared by the teacher into true learnings because they are disconnected with the instructor.

With the focus entirely on your child, the learning rate will be much higher than most classrooms.

Individualized learning equates to “Independence” and “Interdependence”

1-to-1 programs are an important element in a globalized trend towards individualising learning.  In essence, students increase independence and self-initiated learning, and extend their learning beyond the classroom.

The individualized programs extend formal learning to include parents, siblings and other people important in students’ lives. The programs may lead to initiating global communication and collaboration and develop creative expression which is needed more today than ever.

Visit our Education Center to see how we can customize a great curriculum for your child

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