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New SAT Essay: Top Universities Requiring the Writing Test

The-sat-essayThe New SAT in March 2016 delivered many changes to college bound high school students including:

One change many high schoolers were grateful for was the the dropping of the Essay portion of the exam as a requirement to complete the exam.  Following in the College Board’s footsteps, many Universities also opted to not require it as a part of their application for admissions.

However, the Top Universities definitely did not shy away from continuing the requirement.  Using the Times Higher Education Top US Colleges list for 2016, we examine who does and who does not:

Top Colleges Still Requiring the SAT Essay

Top universities in the United States 2016 by Times Higher Education

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Ivy League Admissions Rates – 2015 – for class of 2019

2015’s Ivy League Admissions Rates (Class of 2019)

Harvard University – 5.33% – Became more selective

Yale University – 6.49% – Became easier to be admitted (slightly)

Princeton University – 6.99% – Became more selective

Penn – University of Pennsylvania – 9.9% – Stayed the same

Cornell University – 14.9% – Became easier to be admitted (the highest increase in the Ivy League)

Columbia University – 6.1% – Became more selective

Dartmouth College – 10.3% – Became more selective

Brown University – 8.49% – Became more selective


2014 Ivy League Admissions Rates (Class of 2018)

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