Three More SanLi Students+ Now Have a HIGH Chance to get into 5 Ivy League Universities

Excited Asian woman using her laptop.This past month, in our news section, you can see we helped hundreds of our students score 2200+ all the way up to 2370 for 3 very hard working and talented students.

A brief recap:

  • 3 Students Scored 2370 – 30 points from perfect.
  • 45 Students Scored 2300 or higher (99% Percentile)
  • 150+ Students Scored 2200 or higher
  • 2 Students received a Perfect Critical Reading Score of 800
  • 11 Students obtained a Perfect Writing Score of 800

For the 2200+ students, we’ll dedicate a future blog post identifying where their futures may be in terms of college, but for the 3 students who did what very few students do, they have a HIGH chance to get into the following IVY LEAGUE Universities:

6 NY NC Colleges 2370

On top of these prestigious Universities, they also have a HIGH chance of also obtaining acceptances into these amazing colleges:

1 California Colleges w 2370

Not only do they have a HIGH chance of obtaining admissions into these elite universities, but they also also have a GOOD chance of getting into the top of the top:

4 MA MI Colleges 2370


These “chances” come courtesy of a great website that simplifies the estimation of students obtaining admissions to many universities here.  They also provide many other great details of colleges.