Stanford Admission Rate More Competitive – 2015 (for Class of 2019)

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If Stanford is any indication of how the responses will be for the Ivy League, we might have fewer happy families in a couple of days.

In 2014, the Class of 2018 was the most competitive in the University’s history offering only 5.07% of the students who applied admissions to the West Coast institution of higher education.  The school beat out Harvard by close to a full percentage point at 5.9%.

Stanford accepted 748 students in December through the Office of Undergraduate Admission’s restrictive early action program and extended offers to 1,390 more applicants on March 28 (out of the 38,828 students who applied).

This year, Stanford offered admissions to 6 more students than the prior year (2144 vs. 2138), but there were 42,487 applicants (320 students more than a year earlier).  The admissions rate has been on a steady decline for at least 4 years: “The university admitted 5.7 percent of applicants in 2013 and 6.6 percent in 2012.”

As a result, Stanford’s Class of 2019 has a record setting 5.05% admissions rate vs. the year earlier at 5.07%.