Harvard Admissions Announcements (2015) for Class of 2019

Harvard_Wreath_Logo_1.svgHarvard Admissions Rate for 2019 Announced

The Ivy Leagues admissions announcments news has been released as we mentioned earlier today shortly after 5p EST in the United States.

And the most elite of elite colleges at least in terms of perception have announced their Class of 2019 Results:

Havard University accepts 1990 out of 37,307 applicants for their next prestigious class of freshmen.

The Top Ivy League University gets more competitive now boasting a 5.33% admissions rate.

However, this doesn’t compete with the 2019 Class of Stanford which tops the rate at 5.05% this year.

Regardless, it appears as if this year (2015) for the class of 2019 was a very competitive year with many of the other Ivy Leagues also announcing a more competitive rate.  Columbia became more competitive this past year along with Princeton, Brown, and Dartmouth.  The 3 other Ivy League Institutions (UPenn, Yale & Cornell) though either stayed the same or saw an increase in their rates.

What does it take to get into Harvard?

As we’ve detailed before, a very well rounded and a candiddate that embodies a “leadership profile” is what Harvard is looking for.

However, what sort of SAT Scores is Harvard Looking for?

On average, we have found that they want a student who at least scores 2100+ on their SAT.  Their average was 2015 based on 227 admissions profiles examined.  The average score for these students was 715 for Math (81% scored between 700-800), 697 for Critical Reading (79% scored between 700-800) and 693 for Writing (80% scored between 700-800).  The average ACT score was 32 (90% scored between 30-36).

The average GPA (grade point average) was 4.04 with 87% of their of their successful applicants having a 3.75 or above.

*Data supporting the above statistics were provided by the Annual Survey of Colleges 2014, copyright © 2014 The College Board