Higher Scores on the SAT Lead to Stronger Success in Life


From the beginning of time (or at least 1926 when the SAT was created), there has been nonstop debate as to the veracity of the SAT and its large part in the college admissions process.  Here, an incredibly long thread on a popular forum Reddit shows how controversial and the topic never rests.  The rhetorical piece in question, starts off by informing the world that the New Republic has never produced a more read article based on the topic.

At SanLi Education, one of Hong Kong’s Top Test Prep companies, we’ve seen thousands of students spend time with us in our SAT Prep Courses with many of them raising their scores hundreds of points.  Many of them have garnered entry into top Universities like Stanford, Upenn, Northwestern and more.  Despite obtaining entrance into many top Colleges, there are still many who ask “are the students more than just test taking machines?”

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