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ACT and SAT Testing Schedule and Availability in Hong Kong 2016-2017

ActNowbuttonIf you haven’t heard yet, the seats for testing in Hong Kong are filling up quick this year!  Why?

The ACT for Hong Kong was cancelled for the first time in history and the students who failed to take it this past month are now desperately vying for the seats in the fall.  Our sources tell us the September seats are all full.

ACT Testing Dates 2016-2017

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How Difficult is the New SAT?

New SATLong gone are the days of memorizing esoteric lexicon for the reading comprehension section, literature examples for the essay or grammar rules for confusing writing scenarios created by the College Board. The New SAT has now carried out three implementations of the college bound exam; three in the United States and two tests for the rest of the world. And the verdicts are in.

The Atlantic reports:

…more than two months after the first administration of the revamped exam and years after the media started to speculate about the new test’s difficulty. And it turns out that, after years of stagnation, the scores have gone up—rather significantly.

As a result of the higher scores, there is talk that the test is much easier. Here at SanLi, one of Hong Kong’s Top SAT Academies and the most successful Test Prep Center on the Mainland of China, we’ve even seen many of our students score quite nicely.

SanLi Student’s 1520 on the New SAT (May Exam) w/ Perfect 800 in Math

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New SAT 2016 – First Seats in Hong Kong – Registration Open

For the NEW SAT in 2016, we have found the only centers that are available with seating today are:

May 2016 – FIRST NEW SAT in Hong Kong

May 2016 New SAT Test Centers Hong Kong


*Interesting note, but for the U.S. testing centers, they have the notation that it’s for the “NEW Version” of the SAT, but for the May Exam, they do NOT annotate the very important detail.  However, it should be safe to assume ALL Centers after March of 2016 will be in the new format.  

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