ACT and SAT Testing Schedule and Availability in Hong Kong 2016-2017

ActNowbuttonIf you haven’t heard yet, the seats for testing in Hong Kong are filling up quick this year!  Why?

The ACT for Hong Kong was cancelled for the first time in history and the students who failed to take it this past month are now desperately vying for the seats in the fall.  Our sources tell us the September seats are all full.

ACT Testing Dates 2016-2017

ACT Schedule for College 2016-2017

Given that the September seats may be all gone, we only have the two months before many Admissions deadlines of top Universities.

  • October 22, 2016
  • December 10, 2016

*Update: The September testing date has new “open seats” available.  The October and December dates currently do not in Hong Kong.  However, with the change for September, expect possible changes for the two dates proceeding due to the need for college admissions.  Check back here for the best SAT and ACT Blog in Hong Kong.

The other option: The New SAT

As we’ve pointed out, the scores have been a bit higher for the New SAT.  So, perhaps it’s time to reconsider?  Here are the dates internationally for the revised college admissions exam.

New SAT Dates for 2016-2017

New SAT Dates for 2016-2017