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Top Universities Receiving the Most AP Exam Scores

college board advanced placement programWhether it shows how strong the school is or simply how large they might be, the following stats may be a clue to what schools have students who love to take AP Exams:

  1. University of Texas, Austin – 32,841 Exams, 12,509 Students, 2.62 Exams/Student
  2. Texas A&M University, College Station – 28,155 Exams, 11,862 Students, 2.37 Exams/Student
  3. University of Florida – 24,267 Exams, 9447 Students, 2.57 Exams/Student
  4. UCLA – 23,620 Exams, 9331 Students, 2.53 Exams/Student
  5. UC Berkeley – 21,482 Exams, 7281 Students, 2.95 Exams/Student

Other Notable Universities:

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1 Student Took 27 AP Exams in 2015

ap exams
2015 was an interesting year for students taking the AP Exams for College.

Ten years prior, there were approximately 1.2 million AP Exams taken in the May implementation of the test. Here in 2015, the May 2015 set had close to 2.5 million test takers throughout the world. Of these students, there were some great clues to what current standards are in the Advanced Placement Examinations world.

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Best School Districts in the United States – Best Objective Evaluation

school districtsRecently, I searched for “best school districts in the us.”  A usual suspect showed up at the top of the online query: “Business Insider.”

Why Business Insider?  We are asking a question about “schools”, not “business.”  However, business insider has done an incredible job leveraging “search engine optimization” which I focused on for a number of years in between all my time teaching the incredible children in Asia.  The list does come from a more education focused website, “,” but Business Insider still gets the initial credit and if the visitor is not savvy enough, s/he will not click on the link for the source.

However, my comments about the source isn’t my main concern in what I saw.  It was the interesting bias that was found in the Top 10.  All of the school districts that were in the list by both and Business Insider (as an indirect source) were in the East Coast.  It’s very sad because knowing that many top schools do not necessarily reside JUST in the East Coast, I am wondering how the world is affected by such biased reports???

The list said 7 out of 10 of the Top 10 School Districts are located in New York State and the remaining 3 are in Pennsylvania.  This is truly ludicrous! 

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New SAT 2016 – First Seats in Hong Kong – Registration Open

For the NEW SAT in 2016, we have found the only centers that are available with seating today are:

May 2016 – FIRST NEW SAT in Hong Kong

May 2016 New SAT Test Centers Hong Kong


*Interesting note, but for the U.S. testing centers, they have the notation that it’s for the “NEW Version” of the SAT, but for the May Exam, they do NOT annotate the very important detail.  However, it should be safe to assume ALL Centers after March of 2016 will be in the new format.  

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November 7, 2015’s SAT Registration Open in Hong Kong

We know that acquiring seating in Hong Kong for the SAT is not always easy – especially, if you sign up late.  For the convenience of our clients, we’ve gone ahead and found the remaining availibility on the College Board’s website.

Limited seats are now available and we encourage our clients to sign up as soon as possible for the upcoming SAT Exam.  

November 7, 2015’s Limited SAT Seat Availability in Hong Kong

November 2015 SAT - Availability 1

And here:

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2015-2016 Official International SAT Test Dates have been released

Typically, around July of every year, they release the “Official Dates” of the SAT Exam with Essay and their Subject Tests.  Well, they are out now.  Here are the:

International 2015-2016 SAT Dates:

2015-2016 SAT Test Dates


And for our U.S. Clients, here are the: 

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October 2015 SAT (Barely) Available in Hong Kong

For our valued clients in Hong Kong, we checked the “seats available” for the upcoming

October 2015 SAT in Hong Kong

and found that VERY few seats are available.  Out of the 103 centers, they have posted, all of them minus 2 are either “Full, No Seats Available” or “Not administering this test.” The following two however are still available:

Hong Kong October 2015 SAT


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Books that shaped Harvard Professors’ Lives

052115_book_stax_30.jpgAnn Petry’s “The Street”

“The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13¾,” written in diary style by Sue Townsend

Willa Cather’s “The Song of the Lark”

“The Sun Also Rises” & “A Farewell to Arms” by Ernest Hemingway

James Baldwin’s “The Fire Next Time.”

The Bible



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