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Perfect 2400s on the SAT - San Diego


在聖地亞哥波威聯合學區就讀伯納多牧場高中(Rancho Bernardo High School) 的Isabella Ortiz在10月第一次SAT考試便取得2400滿分的驕人成績。她是怎樣做到的?




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Only 5 SAT Centers Available in Hong Kong for the January 24, 2015 Test

Seats Available for the January 2015 SAT in Hong Kong

As of December 6th, the last SAT exam in 2014, there appears to only be 5 SAT Test Centers with seats in Hong Kong for the upcoming test in early 2015.

The following snapshots of the SAT registration page for the January 24, 2015 test in Hong Kong shows only the following test centers with available seats:

  • Asia World Expo – Zone V
  • Asia World Expo – Zone W
  • Asia World Expo – Zone XC
  • Asia World Expo – Zone XA
  • Asia World Expo – Zone XB

January 2015 SAT HK Availability 1

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SAT Test Center Locations in Hong Kong for the December 2014 Exam

There are more than 35 potential SAT Testing Centers in Hong Kong for the next SAT in December (2014) – the 6th to be specific.  We wanted to help everyone who needed some extra help to find the different locations.  The information is also posted on the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority, but we wanted to be another outlet to help all of you great students and parents.

Map of HK Test Centers Dec 2014 SAT

December 2014 Hong Kong Testing Center Locations

SAT Testing Centers on the Hong Kong Island for the December 2014 Exam

  1. HKEAA Fortress Hill Assessment Centre, 26/F (10)
  2. HKEAA Fortress Hill Assessment Centre, 27/F (10)
  3. Caritas Wu Cheng, Chung Secondary School (19)
  4. SKH Chi Fu Chi Nam Primary School (19)

SAT Testing Centers in the Kowloon, New Territories & Sai Kung Peninsula Areas

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