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Summer Reading List for your 6th Grader

Summer Reading ListAs we approach summer, it’s a great time for your daughter or son to take advantage of the free time and frankly, read.

However, the question may be: What should they read?

A Top 10 Boarding School, Milton Academy recommends the following fiction novels for  their rising 6th graders:

Fiction Book Recommendations - 6th Grade - Milton Academy













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Best Books for Students Who Don’t Like to Read

We find the strongest performers on the SAT Reading and Writing sections are voracious readers.

What if your child doesn’t like to read?  Well, the division of the American Library Association that picks out the Top novels for students to read for young adults also helps suggest some great titles for students who don’t like to read.  Here are 68 titles and 1 series for those students who need a little extra help improving one of the most important skills necessary for academic success: Reading

Books for Students Who Hate to Read


Boyer, Crispin. This Or That? The Wacky Book of Choices To Reveal The Hidden You. Illus. 2014. National Geographic Children’s Books, $12.99. 978-1-4263-1557-2.

Hobbits or ewoks? LEGOs or playing cards? Choose one to discover your real personality.

Brown, Box. Andre The Giant: Life and Legend. Illus. 2014. Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group/First Second/Roaring Brook Press, $17.99. 978-1-59643-851-4.

An illustrated look into the life of pro wrestler and actor Andre the Giant.

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