How Do I Convince My Kid to Read?

pipcture for blog post 2You get it. Reading is important. You know that your son needs to improve his reading comprehension. You know your daughter needs help with her vocabulary. You know that the way to do this is to practice. You know your kids need to sit down and read. But what if they won’t? How do you help a kid who hates reading?

Lucky for you, we have a suggestion: picture books.

We’re serious. Picture books are awesome. No, we’re not talking about your toddler’s picture books, like “Hungry, hungry Caterpillar” or “How to give a Moose a Muffin” (although we would fight anyone who badmouths them). No, what we’re talking about are teen and adult-friendly picture books, which are otherwise known as graphic novels.


Graphic novels are amazing. In some ways, graphic novels are just like any other type of reading material. They tell stories. They aid with vocabulary. They tackle difficult subject matter—Maus and Persepolis, as examples, are about the Holocaust and the Islamic Revolution, respectively. However, they are also 66% pictures, which makes them catnip for slow readers. The pictures make them seem easier, less daunting. Graphic novels are books that get stories across, only in an approachable way for wary readers.

If your children are struggling with reading, that’s okay. That’s normal. It’s a process to learn to read quicker and more comprehensively and we can help with that. What you can do too is to encourage your kids. Try to implement a little joy into the reading process. Try to think outside the box a little. Or, as we suggest, think in terms of pictures.